Climate Education

We educate youth, the general public, community leaders and policy makers about the current and future damages from human impact on climate, and address available solutions to mitigate and adapt to the changes. For K-12, we developed a comprehensive middle school science-based climate curriculum. At the college level, National and local specialists in a variety of disciplines related to climate change present a range of guest lectures.

K-12 Climate Education

We developed a comprehensive middle school science-based curriculum, drawing on broad expertise. We offer this curriculum and training sessions to all interested public and private school science teachers. We also provide teachers’ workshops and sponsor necessary supplies. 

We have developed climate science curriculum for public schools in Mississippi. Lessons for Middle School: grades 7 and 8 are fully aligned with the MS Department of Education’s Science Standards: MS  CCRS, and already implemented in several schools across the state! 

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College Level Climate Education

College Level

At the college level, we offer an interdisciplinary course on climate change free of charge at any interested higher education institution in Mississippi. The course is taught by a Yale-educated PhD climate policy specialist with extensive academic and teaching experience. 

Public Outreach

Public Outreach

We organize events, presentations and movie showings that are open to the general public and address audiences with minimal or no knowledge of climate change.

Currently, we are partnering with a Jackson-based liberal arts college, local independent bookstores and several churches.


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